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Stakeholder Engagement

Lar España continues to work in the line of being an open company from which to promote active dialogue with the broad spectrum of stakeholders with which it relates due to its activity. The sector in which Lar España operates integrates some of the most relevant issues facing today’s society as a whole: urbanization, the availability of housing solutions, the design of sustainable cities, the response to demographic changes and the scarcity of resources.

In this way, Lar España interacts with economic, social and environmental stakeholders and, based on listening to their expectations and channelling the information that satisfies their demands, has developed the relational model with them.

The necessary evolution for all companies today is to move from mitigating risks that affect them to identifying underlying opportunities that combine corporate objectives and external expectations, something that is only possible through the implementation of a system of fluid dialogue with stakeholders. In addition to this advantage, the establishment of this system adapts the reputational risk management tools, creates value by itself and, therefore, helps companies to design and achieve, together with their groups, the strategic objectives in which they are all involved.

For this reason, Lar has proposed to tackle this task by drawing up a stakeholder management model which is divided into the following phases: