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Lar España is well aware of the importance of innovation and the application of emerging technology in the current environment. It is unwaveringly committed to innovating across the board. It is similarly committed to embracing emerging technologies and making its properties more energy-efficient and sustainable. Not to mention attracting the finest talent in order to adapt to its customers, shareholders and other stakeholders’ need

Lar España collaborates actively on transforming the real estate sector by fostering awareness and sharing its extensive experience in order to ensure sustainability in a sector prone to cyclical swings.

To this end, it strives to exchange experiences and search for new and innovative solutions that boost sector credibility and help create value.

In 2018, the company continued to work on a number of projects rolled out in prior years and launched many new unique and pioneering initiatives. All of its initiatives are framed by the Technology, Engagement & Sustainability (TES) project, whose aim is to apply innovative technology to optimise the customer experience. As its name suggests, it is articulated around three lines of action: technology, engagement and sustainability.

TES project

Lar España is spearheading the sector’s digital transformation in Spain and creating value under the scope of its TES project (technology, engagement & sustainability).


Asses and quantify the visitors experience at our shopping centres and optimise the management of the shopping centres and client relationship

  • E-commerce
  • Mobile APP
  • Seeketing
  • Geoblink
  • Social Media
  • Wi-Fi
  • Omniachnnelling


Provide a unique value-add offering by transforming shopping centres into experience-led destinations

  • Optimal retail offering
  • High-quality and bespoke services
  • Attractive Food & Beverage areas
  • Increased leisure and entertainment offering
  • Inviting, vibrant and urban spaces


Strategic positioning of each and every one of our properties, considering aspects such as the environment, sustainability, accessibility and society

  • Sustainability certifications
  • Responsible management
  • Commitment to the environment
  • Active listeners
  • Ethical practices and Integrit
  • Transparency

The TES project has two main objectives. Firstly, to position Lar España as the leading player in the digital transformation of the retail segment, by creating new and more efficient ways of interacting with external and internal customers. Secondly, to create shared value in order to lead economic and social progress, have a real impact on the world and make a difference in people’s quality of living and socio-economic development.