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Corporate governance has been a priority at Lar España since it was created in 2014, addressing a key concern for companies, regulators, investors and shareholders by pledging to guarantee that the company’s governing bodies are adequately integrated and functioning as intended.

In keeping with that pledge and in response to growing demand for disclosures about corporate governance practices, Lar España has rolled out an action plan which enables it to comply with prevailing regulations and position it in line with best practice in this field.

More specifically, the action plan is articulated around the following objectives:

Ensuring strong governanceby means of transparency, business ethics, corporate social responsibility and regulatory compliance.

Leveraging director activities, selection, remuneration and training to pursue more advanced management and enhance transparency.

Corporate Governance Policy

Lar España approved its Corporate Governance Policy in 2016, so establishing the framework for governance at the firm and the cornerstone for articulating a dedicated action plan. The goal of the policy is to help maximize the firm’s competitiveness, foster transparency and earn the trust of its shareholders, investors and other stakeholders, while improving internal control and corporate responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Lar España, framed by its commitment to sustainable business development and the creation of shared, long-term value, has a dedicated Corporate Responsibility Policy which sets down the fundamental principles and values underpinning the running and management of Lar España and its investees with a view to generating a business model capable of contributing to long-term value creation, satisfying the needs and expectations of its stakeholders and generating socially-responsible externalities.