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In 2018, the company concentrated its efforts on the accessibility measures identified as 'urgent' in an assessment of the starting situation at Lar España's properties. It 2019, the focus will shift to addressing the key 'necessary' measures, in some instances implementing some of the 'recommended' measures. The company's objective is to obtain the universal accessibility seal at as many shopping centres as possible. To this end, Lar España has hired a consultant to help it with the guidance provided in the ILUNION report, making practical adjustments in order to achieve the company's objectives.

In recent years, Lar España has been working on obtaining ISO 21542 certification (accessibility and usability of the built environment) and on meeting the UNE-EN 170001 standard (universal accessibility), thus demonstrating its commitment to inclusion.

In this regard, Lar España's objectives are extremely ambitious, with €1.6 million of investment forecast for the coming years.

Since launching its regular accessibility auditing in January 2017, Lar España has invested a total of over €113,000 in improving the accessibility of its properties.

As a result, in December 2018 the VidaNova Parc shopping centre obtained the Aenor Universal Accessibility seal. The Eloy Gonzalo office building also obtained Aenor accessibility certification. Those milestones evidence Lar España's commitment to providing adequate and easy access to its shopping centres for all individuals, regardless of their mobility issues.

The overall approach is the result of a diagnosis undertaken in collaboration with ILUNION, ONCE and AENOR (the Spanish certification body). Their accessibility audits highlight the level of compliance with prevailing regulations and make recommendations as to how to obtain universal accessibility certification. These audits report on three levels of initiative:

Lar España is firmly committed to fostering integration: it is working to achieve and maintain high accessibility standards through designs conceived of for and by people